Ximena M.

"Deciding which BJJ gym to join can be daunting. Especially when you search for reviews and find them all to be great. I came to momentum with my skepticism high after having a not so great experience at the other place. Thankfully Julio is one of a kind. He's sooo genuinely friendly, welcoming, and dang good at teaching. All these key qualities trickle down to every person that rolls on the momentum matts. It's all because of him, Julio. If that weren't enough he is so supportive and encouraging of his growing woman's program. He's not a lady but he sure seems to understand what it's like to be one that wants to be a success at BJJ. (I think it's bc he has two daughters and he's just that cool guy!) Honestly! I can't say enough about Julio and the momentum peeps. I dare you to try the free week pass and not want to train over and over again, I dare you!" .

Lisa J.

This is my second home!Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than a just an intense physical workout, it allows you to learn and grow in so many ways, all while making life long friends. Momentum BJJ excels in accomplishing all of this while creating a conducive training environment that has allowed me to develop into a well rounded athlete. Momentum proves that anyone can become proficient at BJJ, no matter the age, shape, size, or gender."

Kunal R.

"Excellent school with great classmates and very knowledgeable instructors. Highly recommended! Once you start, you will get hooked. (Boxing pun intended)"

James E

"I've been going to Momentum since it opened and have had a great experience there so far. I'm just starting out, but Julio and the other instructors do a great job structuring classes so that everyone gets something out of the class. Julio truly cares about jiu jitsu and his students and it's evident in the environment he's fostered at Momentum."

Chris C.

If you are looking for top-notch training with a respectful family type culture, this is your home. I am a fairly new member here, but after bouncing around from BJJ and Boxing gyms, I can finally say that Momentum has created the culture that www missing. The gym is huge with a plentiful mat space for Jiu Jitsu classes, but also newly installed bag racks for their up and coming boxing program led by Ben, a certified boxing coach. Julio who leads the gym and the BJJ program is one of the most dedicated and approachable trainers I have ever met. His motto that members leave the gym in the same condition when they entered was attractive and all members truly take it to heart. You aren't going to find tough guy/girl egos in this gym. You will definitely learn technique and get a workout, but nobody is out to hurt one another or prove something."